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bringing clean and renewable energy to remote areas in the Amazon Basin of Perú


RAPS Systems: Remote Area Power Supply systems are an efficient way to provide 24-hour off-grid electricity to entire villages. Learn more

Private Operators: RAPS systems are directly operated by local private operators whose role is to maintain the system up and running from the technical and managerial point of vew.

Recent Highlights:

Progress, Barriers and Perspectives of RAPS Systems: COBER II Congress - Oct. 2008 (PPT - 2.3MB)

Padre Cocha has electricity all day:
Special Report from Tomás Unger - El Comercio - April, 2008 (PDF - 0.2MB)

Press Release - 2008 IRP Forum: Analysis of the Energy. Climate Change, and Sustainable Development in the Peruvian Amazon Region - March, 2008

Press Release - 2007 Padre Cocha Census Results: Trend of Social and Economic Indicators Shows Clear Progress in Padre Cocha - February, 2007

Productive Uses from Electricity Supply: IRP Presentation
Iquitos - February, 2007

  Productive Uses: Income generation becomes an option with the available electricity. Productive uses and applications are starting to bloom. Learn more Energy efficiency: IRP is working together with governmental programs and local organizations to educate new customers with access to electricity 24/7. Learn more
  Policy Dialogue for RE: The RAPS project has generated enough interest not only in the Solar Energy arena, but for a national policy dialogue on RE in Perú. Coordination, M&E: Coordination of activities for the implementation of RAPS system was crucial. Today, a comprehensive M&E system makes RAPS in Padre Cocha, a success.
  Video - Special Report
Electricity in Padre Cocha, Perú

ArchivesPrevious Highlights:

Presentation to Electro Oriente: RAPS Hybrid Systems for Rural Electrification in Remote Communities - Padre Cocha, Amazonía Peruana - July '06 (2.3MB)

Hybrid solar systems become a competitive option: 2006 Evaluation Guidelines for Rural Electrification Projects - World Bank

RAPS systems offer better operating costs and low tariff to clients: 2005 Evaluation of RAPS by Electro Oriente

Padre Cocha census results: Economic growth continued in 2005

Frecuencia Latina - 90 Segundos News
April 2008

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